Monday, December 3, 2012

but now i've seen it through

this morning, i opened my web browser and immediately clicked over to new york magazine, like i do most every morning. it threw me when the first five or six articles were all top 10 lists -- books, movies, albums, plays, pop culture moments, and on and on. i mean, sure, i felt the year coming to an end, but i still feel a little caught of guard.

that means it's time, then, to start going through my itunes, sorting out the good from the bad and the best from the good. usually by the time i've posted my final list of favorites, i'm sick of the project, tired of listening and then (in particular) describing -- i have a such a limited vocabulary when it comes to musical analysis. that said, right now, i'm actually really looking forward to writing all of this. i usually am -- but i think the feeling is even stronger this time around.

this year was really concentrated around music for me, in a way that previous years haven't been. a lot of that, i think, is due to the hours i spent working my way through various music blogs (pretty much amazing, gorilla v. bear, indie shuffle, record lbl, earmilk) listening for sounds i could play at dance parties. it's probably no coincidence, then, that this year's "soundtrack" will probably sound a lot different than the two that came before (2010 // 2011). it'll sound dancier, and maybe a little darker, definitely more chopped and screwed. i'll get into that a little more once the lists are up.

until then, here's the most recent mixtape i made: